November 30, 1999


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What cha listing to

Created 13th March 2009 @ 13:02
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Have I not seen the ‘Knights of Cydonia’ video before????



The album “Twin Cinema” by The New Pornographers.. a deadly grower thats filling the void left by SLGTM breaking up in it’s own unique kinda way.

I was just listening to some NPs yesterday and thinking that as much as I find Neko Case to be really irritating even compared to all the other female singers (probably doesn’t help that one of the maybe 10 ladies who sing that I actually like is Kathryn Calder, and yes, I did come to that conclusion before I realised who she was), she really does “work” in the context of their songs. I’d rather eat glass that listen to any of her solo stuff, but I’ll grudgingly accept her place in the Pornos.

(Though I did do a little dance of joy when I saw them walk on stage in Melbourne and she wasn’t there. Followed shortly by regretting all those text messages I had sent to people saying that my plans for the night were “ensuring that Neko Case doesn’t make it on stage.” You’d think I would have learned the first time that someone I claimed I wished dead actually did turn up dead. At least learned not to put it in writing. But apparently Neko is still alive so I dodged a bullet there.)

Also, “Use it” has been my go-to song for the last couple of weeks. Can’t get enough.

It’s all about the new Dinosaur Jr and Regina Spektor.

Lost in the midst of moving and work chaos there is only one constant guiding light to help a man keep his head & find his way & that light’s name is KIIIIIIISSSSS!

So today is “Double Platinum” day and no mistake…

Oh mr Ipod gimme “Makin’ Love” and gimme it LOUD!

Better place to stick a link to some video game music

Grim Fandango remix - Dom?


Amazing, will check that out later.

On the subject of listening… the new Dinosaur Jr album is quite brilliant.

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