March 21, 2008

my magic life

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I’ve left it a long time to post anything coherant. i hd meant to post something after my magical journey into the world of batik. I first used the power of the wonder web to connect with a zen master of the wax fluid resist technique. then i boarded a train to london by the sea where I was met by a man in a trilby on an old wooden platform i had never noticed before. i too was wearing a trilby and when we stopped at the texaco to get some cash to pay for the lesson i stood behind a man in a leather bomber jacket and trilby (which as you may have guessed is what i was wearing). Clearly this means i was meant to go on and discover the mysteries of batik. batik and me are on a collision course albeit one much less destructive than the result of the earth hitting a giant planet outside of the solar system. batik is the new rock and roll.

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