February 4, 2008

Aciiiid! (you had to have been there)

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Okay so here goes. The more observant and analytically minded of you will have noticed how the momentum of my first post was the result of having read John Moore’s column in the Guardian weekend. You didn’t notice? His voice was practically dictating the words in my shell like. So today a mild wave of panic crashed over my recumbent mass as I realised I might have to write in my own voice today. My first foray into poetry was inspired by having seen Jerry Dammers deliver a speech about John Peel in rhyming form and so for a while I always imagined him dictating my poems. This is all going somewhere really.
They say singers find their voice by singing like someone else – David Bowie/Tony Newley, Neil Hannon/Scott walker, Pete Doherty/Tommy Steel etc and I say who wrote that? I believe that great art comes from lack of ego, which is a bit rich coming from a shameless self-promotionalist, but the point is whose voice is it anyway.
So as quantum mechanics would have it on Saturday I was performing a short set at a karaoke poetry night in Manor Park. This event called “Bingo Master’s Breakout” is organised by the legend that is Kevin Reinhardt as part of the Vintage Poison cooperative manifestations. I met a girl called Stephanie from a band called Futurism versus Passeism (is that right youngsters?) who was able to report as a blond red head that the song “Ginger” had had a positive affect on her school experience. She also talked about passing on the torch as if it (the power of pop to heal and unite?) was this thing outside of us all. The next day at church (!) folks were passing around a flame to light candles we each held. To be honest this silent ritual was the only part of going that spoke to me. All part of the reciprocal altruism vibe that’s currently flaoting my boat.
So the theme for today (snore) is holding and passing a flame that’s outside of us all each time we make art/love/sweet music. All three at once if you’re Jeff Koons.
Here are the edited highlights!

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  1. blonde redhead spellit like this “futurism versus passeism”

    Comment by quasi-pfaff — February 5, 2008 @ 11:20 am

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