January 27, 2008

Again and Again

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Moving some air is a phrase I use to describe those actions I don’t see the point of and generally don’t want to take but usually lead to some kind of minor transcendental revelation.  My default is probably to sit in front of a murder mystery having devoured the antiques road show - it’s a kind of mogadon I suppose. So moving some air is a pain in the arse akin to a parent saying oh you’ll be glad when you get there as you slouch in the front seat on the way to scouts. Whilst we’re on the subject I actually managed to create my own subculture within scouts, which made it like a rather jolly pretend form of real life. Skip was an academic who took exception to the words “academics kill” on my butty bag and I was at a loss to explain it as I believe my sister wrote it under the influence of the cult of mike (my dad - more of that another day). Still I was called “Punk” at scouts, which still makes me smile because I’ve always been a very polite boy. It was related I know to not having a single badge and liking punk music. Before we move on from scouting (I feel sure we will return to it again at a later date) I should like to reveal that my penchant for double identities and performing was first revealed at our scouts review when I became Superscout in a road safety sketch.

So there I was last night at the Amersham in new Cross moving some air and watching Art Brut. They are a band I knew instinctively were connected to me and my various musical incarnations the first time I heard their song “Formed a band”. This effect is what great pop has on the listener. No sod it great Art speaks directly to the listener or viewer alone. In this case my good friend and fictional manager Steve major talent fishman rang me the next day to say he had got us a gig with a band called Art Brut at the Tate Britain (subject of our first single “Pimlico”) thus amplifying me euphoric feeling that the record had indeed spoken directly to me. Now, however I find myself becoming drawn further and further into the web of art brut and their music. There’s sex metaphysical yearning, hope, defiance, magic, absurdity and did I say Defiance already? Art brut aren’t about destroying consensus reality rather building your own from the ruins of contemporary culture - the rubble that surrounds us. Yeah so where was I? Ah well Eddie’s voice is getting louder and his command more hypnotic but still he remains adorable. It is adoration that became my point of transcendence. After the show I loitered near the dressing room not knowing how big it was and knowing how a band needs space after the gig (oh yeah did I say I’ve played a few shows -we had the ub40 guys backstage and everything - actually it was… well never mind). Eventually I had a great chat with Eddie and after I told him how much I liked their Roman toga video he described how on another shoot the director had paid an audience to behave at a close to psychotic level of ecstatic adoration. This, Eddie revealed felt very therapeutic and really boosted his self-esteem. As we all know because books tell us lots of times, the human brain cannot distinguish between fact and dream. Its almost like the brain is an appendage to our true state (more of that another day). So watch out for a new Crowd Based Therapy at your local GP soon. Failing that I will try my best to make it part of an art installation by the end of the year.

I thank you

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