December 28, 2009

12 Qs Of Christmas - Mr Solo

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1. Highlight of 2009? Having a mad whirlwind painting show with my dad and getting to write Mike and Mikey Georgeson on all of the blurb. plus Frog Morris, Daniel Lehan and Foster and Gilvan all performing at the opening lending it a dizzying air of unalloyed joy rather like an unwritten Samuel Beckett sitcom.

2. Low point of 2009? Getting breathalyzed when I left Frogstock- testing negative then being fined for my MOT being 2 days out. Oh how I laughed.

3. PopArt moment of 2009? All of them but natch singing Modern Love till I was horse – its all about singing with the allstars for me (me me).

4. Single of 2009?  Baby by Devendra Banhart or all of the Brontosaurus Chorus ones.

5. Album of 2009? Voluntary Butler Sheme  - Breakfast Dinner and Tea

6. Best live band of 2009? Dream Themes

7. Film of 2009? Synecdoche, New York – happy/sad flawed but can anything else come close to this?

8. TV show of 2009? Red Riding

9. Hero of 2009? Heather who runs the wayward plant registry and Ernie who advised me whilst I was trying to get my humble urban allotment going. He taught me to save Tomato seeds in tissue! (see picture)

10. What do you hope to achieve in 2010? Further manifestations of backwards causality and a good unblighted tomato crop.

11. Who else is worth looking out for in the coming 12 months? Mike Georgeson oooh and The Extra Specials!

12. How will you be spending Christmas? At home recovering from the colossal snowman building projects my sons drive me towards.

And the End of the Decade Bonus:

13. The Noughties  - how was it for you? In a word “Jungian”. In a phrase “the medium was the massage” sorry I’m a dullard but Marshall McLuhan was a prophet!

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