December 15, 2009

12 Q’s of Christmas - Trixie: BBC3/T4 Demographic

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1. Highlight of 2009?     

Breaking my ex’s number of Twitter followers on my Twitter by 7. After I did that I disabled my account just to spite the spineless wang-kah, I sent him a long email explaining that my life goes on better without him and he didnt have the right to dump me for cheating (It was just a snog -  and i only did it because he’s a boring geek who wont do MDMA like the rest of the world does when they’re in a club.. it’s hardly heroin.) Do you know what? He didn’t even reply… Trixie wins! 

2. Low point of 2009?

When my digital camera broke. No new pictures of me on Facebook for like.. a month or something. People LITERALLY thought I had died. You would have thought that my friends would have taken some but NO. They didnt offer and it just gets embaressing if you keep having to ask.

3. PopArt moment of 2009?

What’s PopArt?

4. Single of 2009?

New In Town” by Little Boots. It reminds me of bouncing up and down with all my new friends whoose names escape me at the moment at the Reading Festival plus when I go to a new club that’s how I feel “like I’m new in Town… come check me out”.

5. Album of 2009? 

Florence & The Machine with “Lungs”. You may not have heard of her as she’s really underated and doesnt get enough coverage on the video channels (please no more N-Dubz they were SOOOOO last year). She’s great she reminds me of my mums old Tasmin Archer album but much more agressive and alternative.

6. Best live band of 2009?

Little Boots. “Love you Little Boots” to qoute Florence at the brits. She’s great she can sing while walking about a bit and then play her keyboads with two fingers before walking around a bit more. WHAT A TOTAL POPSTAR! Little Boots, Florence, La Roux (even though she’s Butters!)…. This YEAR the girls with their 80’s keyboards and retro-dress sense TRULY took over from all the boys with their old fashioned guitars.

But as far as live festivals go nothing beats watching multi-million selling acts like Kings Of Leon, Coldplay, The Killers, Muse, Artic Monkeys & Green Day.

7. Film of 2009?

“Twilight: New Moon” of course. DUH!

8. TV show of 2009?

The Hills. All the snobs slate it because they are old and jealous of young good looking people and just want to moan that MTV should just show music.. but durr thats what Smash Hits and stuff is for. Durrrrr such a no brainer. No matter what channel it’s on it’s proper tv show about real problems and issues not like stuff that my housemates want to watch like University Challange (I mean REALLY… the stuff they bang on about has NO relevance! Classical music round WTF!)

9. Hero of 2009? 

My dad for bailing me out of debt (AGAIN) after spending mad-bank on drugs & vintage dresses during the festival season.
10. What do you hope to achieve in 2010?

Form an electro band and be Little Boots main sister!

11. Who else is worth looking out for in the coming 12 months?

Pavement. Technically there an old band but they’re getting back together next year and everyone will love them. I got a vintage t-shirt early off ebay before all the Top Shop clones arrive. If it aint vintage its “bin-tage”.


12. How will you be spending Christmas?

If he’s got any sense it will be my new boyfriend who’ll be doing all the spending  - right girls! : )

And the End of the Decade Bonus:

13. The Noughties - how was it for you?

 Sigh. It was difficult for me. I did my GCSE’s AND A-Levels, did some traveling. Dated Mr. Wrong (who felt right) AND Mr. Right (who felt wrong). Tried to make it on the burlesque scene but had my illusions shattered when i realised that it wasnt all photo shoots and vintage dresses. But I struggled through… if you listen to Miley Cyrus’ “The Climb” and think of me you’ll probably find it rather emotional. I could right a book about my life… it would be quite easy too what with MySpace, Facebook, Live Journal and Twitter I’ve already documented every single thing and thought I’ve ever done. Copy & Paste job innit LOL.


  1. Trixie never seems to age, bless her.

    Comment by Mrs T — December 16, 2009 @ 1:44 am

  2. Was about to say the exact same thing. She’s like the T4 Bart Simpson.

    Comment by scoobydom — December 17, 2009 @ 6:16 pm

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