December 12, 2009

12 Qs of Christmas with Dom from Brontosaurus Chorus and PopArt.

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1. Highlight of 2009?

Buying my own album from HMV Oxford Circus - I’ve wanted to do that for fifteen years. The AWWBLOT?/Brontosaurus Chorus Easter weekend tour and the BC gig in Gouda. The Lousiana video shoot (see below) & single, of which I am hugely proud. Going to see my friends in Melbourne and doing a gig out there with my old band the International Language of Mime.

2. Low point of 2009?

The demise of Pocus Whiteface, Subliminal Girls and And What Will Be Left Of Them? was not only a profound loss for PopArt and the Sunday League Indie scene, but on a personal level made me question the validity of still playing in bands when everyone else is having kids etc. And my day job being horrible!

3. PopArt moment of 2009?

Having our albums in the shops. Dave Rees’ epic, Sister Ray-esque 10 minute rendition of Brimful Of Asha at BritPopArt. The PopArt Allstars set at Bowie PopArt was very special, particularly Mr Solo’s version of Modern Love.

4. Single of 2009?

Probably that Julian Casablancas one. Noone is more shocked than I am that it was actually really good.

5. Album of 2009? 

Mariachi El Bronx. Brilliant. They managed to pull off an original album of great songs whilst also staying very true to traditional mariachi music. Also, Dinosaur Jr’s latest rocked my world, yet again.

6. Best live band of 2009?

Art Brut at Indietracks were everything a live band should be.

7. Film of 2009?

Up was amazing.

8. TV show of 2009?

9. Hero of 2009?

I had a lot of musical adventures this year and the majority of them were facilitated to Joe Hawley, PopArt’s sound guru, van commander of choice and all round top bloke.

10. What do you hope to achieve in 2010?

I turn 30 in April and I have 2 aims by then: to get a new day job and to have a second Brontosaurus Chorus album recorded. I hope PopArt can have an immense 5th year that sees the label growing and also some great events which culminate in the mother of all birthday parties for PopArt Enterprises.

11. Who else is worth looking out for in the coming 12 months?
The second albums from Lucky Soul & the Indelicates, the debuts from the School and the Bicycle Thieves. And, of course, albums 2, 3 and 4 from Lost Boy Scout! Oh, and Dirty Fingernails, of course. They’re the future of pop music.
12. How will you be spending Christmas?
At the inlaws in Devon, drinking real ale.


And the End of the Decade Bonus:

13. The Noughties  - how was it for you?
I met most of my best friends, went on a lot of adventures, released an album, toured the UK a few times, gigged in Europe, lived in Melbourne for a bit, got 2 university degrees, started 2 great club nights, and met and married the girl of my dreams. On the flipside, I lost my best friend Pete Stevens to cancer, aged just 26. He was the frontman in a wonderful band called The Robot Blues.





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