December 8, 2009

12 Q’s of Christmas with Jodie Lowther of Brontosaurus Chorus

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Highlight of 2009?

 Getting engaged. That was a bit good.

Low point of 2009?

Shoddy people.

PopArt moment of 2009?

Releasing album on PopArt. That was a big nice.

Single of 2009?

Wild Swans. English Electric Lightning.

Album of 2009?

It’s all been a bit pants in my own highly esteemed personal opinion.
Jodie Brontosaurus Chorus
Best live band of 2009?

Lloyd Grossman.

Film of 2009? 

Tigerman does it all.

TV show of 2009? 

Joodas the Priest and his bananavan.

Hero of 2009? 

Grant Morrison.

What do you hope to achieve in 2010? 

To run the local sausage factory. With the local dogs of the area. Especially Charles.

Who else is worth looking out for in the coming 12 months? 


How will you be spending Christmas?

With CD32. 

 And the End of the Decade Bonus: 

The Noughties  - how was it for you? 


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