December 7, 2009

12 Q’s of Christmas - Rory of White Witches

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1. Highlight of 2009? Buying Sulk by the Associates on cassette for 99p about a month ago. Visiting Dennis Severs’ House (18 Folgate Street) for the first time. Seeing Devo play the whole of their first album in Kentish Town. Buying Health’s new album. But mostly - recording White Witches songs for the first time and having them come out great. It’s pathetic! 

2. Low point of 2009?  The slow death of the Astoria. 

3. PopArt moment of 2009? 
I really liked the orange pumpkin T-shirt Dom wore when we played PopArt in February. 

4. Single of 2009? Die Slow - Health. 

5. Album of 2009?  
Get Color - Health 

6. Best live band of 2009? …Health! It’s the only band I’ve really got into this year that isn’t old stuff. 

7. Film of 2009? The Wrestler. Even though it came out last year. 

 rory white witches
8. TV show of 2009? 

Synth Britannia and BBC4’s Krautrock documentary. 
9. Hero of 2009? 

After watching said documentary, I’d say it was the entire generation of German musicians that came of age in the 70s. They all seem very calm and content now… Faust, for instance, still spend their days up in the German mountains hitting cement mixers and recording it! 

10. What do you hope to achieve in 2010? Singles, possibly an album, lots and lots of great shows. 

 11. Who else is worth looking out for in the coming 12 months? Vile Imbeciles’ new album. They’ve always been amazing live but this has potential to be their a classic record… My old Pink Grease buddy Steve produced it and described it to me as Captain Beefheart meets Andre 3000. Or something. 

12. How will you be spending Christmas? 
Dancing to Adam and the Ants with my niece… then drinking myself stupid at a table packed with roast stodge. 

  And the End of the Decade Bonus: 

  13. The Noughties  - how was it for you? 

Well, it was my twenties, so a lot happened! Being in Pink Grease was very exciting but we were too weird to make it work. The world changed a bit. The UK and especially London was becoming very smug just before the credit crunch. Now we’re experiencing a hangover from then and from the whole twentieth century.   

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