October 20, 2008

SElf Obsession

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Before last nights Bowl An SEbastian event I told myself not to get too carried away with myself during the performance of the song “Judy and the dream of horses”. I have to say after a shaky start ( as they say on X factor) I loved every second of it and all thoughts of restraint were jetisoned from my mind as the love child of Roy Orbison and Tom Jones sprang forth frommy larynx or atleast thats how it felt. Normally how something feels and what people perceive is not something I bother about but the dream of horses was such a blissful personal moment that it must surely have leaked through into the real world? That my friends is fishing for compliments. But onwards- a strange peice of synchronicity took shape yesterday as I found myself entering a self POrtrait into the Friends of Dulwich Picture gallery exhibition. This adventure in Acrylic I called “SElf Portrait in bathroom - sound muted” and was infact an image of me applying my Solo make up in the toilet mirror of the Bloomsbury Bowling lanes before an appearance of last years Bowland sebastian. So there I was last night applying the finishing touches to my Solo make up in the same bathroom with the same handdryer in the reflection and as I went to take the hearing aid from my ear (as i do before every gig) the damned ear piece severed in two leaving me with a pea sized piece of plastic in my outer ear cavity one minute before preforming. With gargantuan will power riding the wave of panic that swept over me I finally managed to remove the offending article and took to the stage with an overwhelming sense of relief. SELF obsession complete.

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  1. It certainly DID leak into the real world, it was amazing!

    If I may, I refer you to my own record of the day, written several hours before reading this:

    Comment by mjhibbett — October 20, 2008 @ 6:49 pm

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