July 19, 2008

its been An Adventure II

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well last night I dusted off my cat suit which had been moth balled for atleast a week and I took to the stage as the solo Mr solo at a small venue in Covent garden called the Arts Theatre. I was one of many burlesque freaks and my cape removal was very much part of the whole clothing taking off vibe. I did< however,¬† change in the toilet as I have been out of the burlesque loop and on the road with cissy boys in bands for a bit recently. I have to say they look after you far more in theatre darling. It is usually an extended part of my act to try and be a less glam version¬† of myself (hard I know) as I line check and generally struggle not to topple the tower of dvd players and projectors I have hoarded on one side of the stage. No at SideShow they did all that for me! Amazing and I got to go in the posh dressing room “Pigeon 2″ at the end. the not so posh one “pigeon 1″ was still like a gated community to the leper colony that usually makes do for a place to don make up on the toilet tour. So I think that really was the last solo Mr Solo. And now this blog will be about the trials and tribulations of forming the Mr solo band. My idea right now is to not touch an instrument myself or a projector so please hold me to that Rhodry Dom Rob Richy Bummer (ne Bomber) and Chris et al… The good thing about blogging this process is that we don’t actually have to do much (unlike in a fly on the wall doco.. .er well wrong analergy perhaps)) I will quite happily share my own paranoias joys triumphs all generated from within my head. That is the joy of a band - solo or otherwise - you can think something up and then do it. An when it happens its amazing…Sorry ed - one more line (you’ve had two of mine) - look at us we’ve formed a band.

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